Thursday, August 26, 2010

10,000 Enormous Trends in Social Media Right Now (Not Really)

I've been catching up on a lot of reading today- perusing the marketing social media blogs- and I've found a lot of good stuff. One thing I noticed is that it seems that the only format people write in now is "top ten lists."

  • Top Ten Muskrat Flavored Social Media Popsicles
  • 27 Must Have Twitter Followers in the California Penal System
  • Three Key Techniques for Spamming Anonymous Strangers in the Vain Hope of Getting More Facebook Fans
  • Four Absolutely Critical Hello Kitty iPhone Accessories

The other popular way to write a blog these days is the "How to" or "Where do I find" types

  • How Do I Get Hot Girls to Follow Me on Twitter? (Now available in seven easy installments of $199 each!)
  • How Can I Get To Be Mayor Of Yankee Stadium When I Don't Leave The House?
  • Which Social Media Network is Best for the Buying and Selling of Monkeys?
  • How Do I Grow Revenue at My Failing Business Using Social Media but With No Budget, Time, Effort or Creativity?

Anyway! Here are some of the really good articles I read this week:

5 Huge Trends in Social Media Right Now (Mashable)

They are:
1. Social Scanning
2. QA and Intelligent Information Discovery
3. Group Buying
4. Mobile Meets Loyalty
5. Checking-In to Entertainment

Questioning the Prominence of B2B Search (Strategic Guy)
Is SEO really that important to B2B marketers?
A good friend and long-standing client pointed me to a BtoB Magazine article about a recent survey entitled "The Impact of Social Media on Search." The nearly 500 marketers queried reported their most important goals for social media marketing as the following:

-Building brand awareness (81%)
-Increasing traffic to a Web site (77%)
-Generating leads (67%)
-Providing deeper engagement with customers (66%)
-Improving search results (57%)
Maybe not...

Lastly ReadWriteWeb has a cool flowchart on How to Evaluate New Twitter Followers

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