Thursday, August 26, 2010

10,000 Enormous Trends in Social Media Right Now (Not Really)

I've been catching up on a lot of reading today- perusing the marketing social media blogs- and I've found a lot of good stuff. One thing I noticed is that it seems that the only format people write in now is "top ten lists."

  • Top Ten Muskrat Flavored Social Media Popsicles
  • 27 Must Have Twitter Followers in the California Penal System
  • Three Key Techniques for Spamming Anonymous Strangers in the Vain Hope of Getting More Facebook Fans
  • Four Absolutely Critical Hello Kitty iPhone Accessories

The other popular way to write a blog these days is the "How to" or "Where do I find" types

  • How Do I Get Hot Girls to Follow Me on Twitter? (Now available in seven easy installments of $199 each!)
  • How Can I Get To Be Mayor Of Yankee Stadium When I Don't Leave The House?
  • Which Social Media Network is Best for the Buying and Selling of Monkeys?
  • How Do I Grow Revenue at My Failing Business Using Social Media but With No Budget, Time, Effort or Creativity?

Anyway! Here are some of the really good articles I read this week:

5 Huge Trends in Social Media Right Now (Mashable)

They are:
1. Social Scanning
2. QA and Intelligent Information Discovery
3. Group Buying
4. Mobile Meets Loyalty
5. Checking-In to Entertainment

Questioning the Prominence of B2B Search (Strategic Guy)
Is SEO really that important to B2B marketers?
A good friend and long-standing client pointed me to a BtoB Magazine article about a recent survey entitled "The Impact of Social Media on Search." The nearly 500 marketers queried reported their most important goals for social media marketing as the following:

-Building brand awareness (81%)
-Increasing traffic to a Web site (77%)
-Generating leads (67%)
-Providing deeper engagement with customers (66%)
-Improving search results (57%)
Maybe not...

Lastly ReadWriteWeb has a cool flowchart on How to Evaluate New Twitter Followers

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dog Days of August

August is always a bit of a slow month...given that, I've had some time to catch up on the neverending firehose of news, media, content and social media interactions aimed at me. :)

Here are a couple of stories that caught my eye:

Chris Brogan has an interesting post about the tension of real world friendships and "ambient connectivity" in "Is a Social Crash Coming?"

Rohit Bhargava updates his famous 2006 post on social media optimization (SMO) with lessons learned over the past four years: "The 5 NEW Rules Of Social Media Optimization"

AdAge has a very interesting story about how the Steve Slater situation is causing JetBlue problems with their social media and branding efforts, and how they are dealing with it: "How Steve Slater Is Stifling JetBlue's Social-Media Strategy"

The Social Times showcases Pete Warden, the founder of OpenHeatMap. Pretty cool stuff...

Lastly, my agency, Strategic Communications Group, is having a busy summer as we've added two new clients so far: TerraGo Technologies and Whitney, Bradley and Brown.

Friday, August 06, 2010

New BlogTalkRadio podcast with Robert Johnson, CEO of Cimcor

I'm excited to have had the opportunity to sit down and record Straight to the Point podcasts with a large number of marketing and business experts over the years. Some folks I've gotten to know pretty well after their session. But there are literally hundreds of people I respect and I've known for years that haven't yet appeared on STTP, for whatever reason. My latest podcast is with just such a person- Robert Johnson, founder of IT security vendor Cimcor Technologies.

Imagine the power of a self healing enterprise network. A corporate or government environment where hacks, attacks and other security risks would be more than merely detected. The network would automatically take corrective response…in near real time. In this new podcast Robert does more than ask you to imagine. He discusses the self-healing capabilities of networks…today.

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio...

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