Monday, August 11, 2014

Measurable Business Results? Uh, How about Revenue and Growth.

A new report on content marketing is out. It shows marketers feel they are doing a good job creating content, but are having trouble tying their efforts to measurable business results.

Uh, how about revenue and growth?

Source: Content Marketing Trends: Goals, Distribution Channels, and Budgets

Content marketers have fairly clear-cut objectives, but the majority are falling short of meeting them, details a new report [download page] from OneSpot and 614 Group. The survey finds that B2B marketers are largely focused on lead generation, echoing other research on the subject, while brand engagement is the top objective among B2C marketers. For the time being, though, a slight majority feel that they’re not meeting their content marketing objectives, and most feel that they’re underperforming when it comes to the business results of their efforts.

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

How Do Enterprise Buyers Research New Software?

Marketers often have a hard time explaining the value of content marketing. I hear sales focused teams ask "why do we have to write all of this stuff?"

Well, one of the many, many reasons is that prospects evaluate various sources when making a buying decision. Everyone starts with a google search and gets deeper from there.

Your company needs to be creating or influencing the creation of as much content in the chart below.

Source: How Do Enterprise Buyers Research New Software?

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Is Marketing Branding?

Often I talk with clients about the connection between branding and marketing. Almost all the time, there is a great deal of confusion. I bet you, reading this, are a little confused.

This article, Where Marketing Ends, Branding Begins from Kiss Metrics, is a very good, easy to understand overview.

What do most people get wrong?
Misconception #1: Branding is marketing / advertising / promotion / anything to that effect.
Misconception #2: You are the ultimate authority when it comes to your brand.
Misconception #3: There exists a formula for success when it comes to branding.

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Is your email marketing as successful as you would like?

Is your email marketing as successful as you would like? Probably not, eh? We all know that great content and constant testing are keys to success, but what does that really mean?

This interview with noted author Jonah Berger offers some suggestions. Read here: Jonah Berger's 6 STEPPS for Success Applied to Email Marketing

So what are the six steps?

  1. Social Currency 
  2. Triggers 
  3. Emotion 
  4. Public 
  5. Practical Value 
  6. Stories

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Lead Generation? You Are Not Doing It Right.

Lead Generation is the Most Important Thing for B2B marketers. Are you doing it right? Probably not.

Spending all day on social media and getting no results should tell you something. Are you integrating marketing with sales? Are you creating compelling content that is targeted to specific issues?

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5 Keys to Revolutionary Lead Generation - The Cogent Coach