Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Seven Best Things To Do in Alaska

I returned from a 12 day holiday in Alaska yesterday. If you haven't visited the "Last Frontier" yet, I highly recommend it. It's beautiful, mostly wilderness and there is tons of stuff to do.

I recommend:

1. Deep sea fishing in the Gulf of Alaska for halibut and lingcod- use Pro-Fish-N-Sea out of Seward.

2. A day cruise along the Kenai peninsula fjords to the see the massive glaciers that drop into the ocean.

3. Short 2-3 hour hikes into any number of national and state parks, like Exit Glacier Park.

4. A flightseeing trip to Denali National Park- I used Talkeetna Air Taxi based in, yes, Talkeetna. And pick the glacier landing option. Yes, you get to land on a glacier. And your flight might be delayed due to a moose on the runway.

5. A day long bus tour into Denali National Park to view moose, caribou, bears, wolves and lynx- as well as spectacular mountain scenery.

6. The northern lights in Fairbanks. Amazing! (but impossible to shoot with a mobile phone...)

7. A stay in Girdwood, just south of Anchorage.


Marc Hausman said...

Wonderful photos, Jeff.

I heard you pulled a halibut out of the river with your bare hands. True?

MacKenzie Guyer said...

It is a tough life you lead. Alaska is on our top 5 places to go. We want to do the land and sea tour. But, I need my week of wine tasting in Tuscany first.

Straight to the Point said...

Very lucky- we would never have gone if Steph hadn't won two free RT airplane tickets. Its a trip of a lifetime!

Donna Lynn said...

Hi Jeff,

My husband, my two sisters and I were there in August for two weeks. We did the land tour first, then the cruise thru the inland passage on to Vancouver. Loved the wilderness and the glaciers and wildlife...ate halibut constantly. As you said, definitely trip of a lifetime..and we've been all over the world. Now I want to go to Patagonia!