Saturday, January 23, 2010

Healthcare and Social Media Survey 2010

(click here for a quick four question survey, hosted on

Almost a year ago, I kicked off a survey designed to gauge the adoption of social media among healthcare professionals and the healthcare industry. (Read my original blog post here.)

In March 2010, I announced the full results and published them here. Here is what I wrote at the time:

We all can be susceptible to hype, so it's a good thing to try and gather empirical evidence from time to time to challenge one's notions. Even if you think you are in great shape and have the body of a 20 year old Olympic athlete, it's probably a good idea to step on a scale once in a while and confirm that this is actually true. -ahem-

Everyone is talking about the impact that social media is having on the healthcare industry. But is it really? There are plenty of patient and doctor social networks and lots of hospital twitter accounts. But is any of this obvious activity actually engaging these disparate audiences? Are we all confusing motion with progress?

The main takeaway last year was that the prognosis was negative for social media in the healthcare industry. As I found last year,

96 percent of respondents said the industry is not using social media enough to communicate, share information and engage with patients.

However, as we've learned, 12 months is a long time when I comes to the adoption of social media technologies. Has any of this changed? I'd sure like to know.

SO...I'd like to ask any readers of this blog post to click here for a quick four question survey, hosted on When I get a decent sample size, I'll post the results, note any change in sentiment and we can talk about what needs to be done to drive adoption more effectively...


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