Thursday, November 19, 2009

New SIIA Webinar Monday, Dec 7- Social Media for Brand Awareness, Thought Leadership and Other Traditional PR Activities

The good folks at the Software and Information Industry Association and I organized a four part series of Webinars looking at the various aspects of social media marketing for companies targeting the B2B marketplace. We have had three of them already and each was a fascinating discussion of how social media is used for business applications like lead generation, sales, cycle support, recruiting, competitive analysis and closing deals.

Our last Webinar is coming up December 7th and is going to focus on the public relations applications of social media. Most people, when they thing of social media, probably think of it as being a PR related activity, and it is. We have a great panel (including your truly!) which will talk about real world examples of companies using social media to target influencers, journalists, analysts as well as communicate directly with stakeholders.

Click here to register: Social Media Webinar Series: Social Media for Brand Awareness, Thought Leadership and Other Traditional PR Activities
DECEMBER 7 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm ET

Social media should be an integral part of your PR strategy, not just your sales function. To run a successful campaign Marketing, Sales and PR need to be integrated using today's popular social media tools. How can you effectively integrate your social media strategy across the enterprise?

Robert Carroll, VP Marketing, Clickability

Richard Dym, CMO, OpSource, Inc.
Kye Strance, Director of Product Management, Vocus
Jeff Majka, Director of Marketign and Business Development, Strategic Communications Group

(There is a $89 charge to register- however, since you’ll be my guest, you can register for free if you use the following code- PRMSTRAT.)

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Robin said...

Looks I like a very informative Webinar! This is an important area to stay abreast of. It's important to have social media as part of your overall strategic plan and form it around your brand. It is also crucial for executive leadership to understand that it does change often and need to be ready to sway with the wind.

Robin Wright