Thursday, August 07, 2008

So, am I a prosumer?

Lately, I've been struggling with the conflicting demands on my time. Participating in social networks is a key part of my job and how I present myself professionally, and even socially. However, since the key to effective participation is the creation of interesting valuable content, how do I participate when I prefer to voraciously consume content, rather than spit new stuff out.

For example, today I read:
three slide shows on
(and yes, I read a story about Brett Farve too)
Chris Parente's blog post about Black Hat
(usually I'm perusing my twitter, facebook and friendfeed accounts too)

I've read ten or so emails that required a reply, skimmed another 50 or so (ignoring at least another 100).

I was in a two hour plus meeting as well.

I worry about all the marketing and technology people toiling away at corporations that are being forced by over eager consultants to blog, blog, blog, twit, twit, twit and comment, comment, comment. Is it a reasonable expectation that these folks, who haven't been required to write large amounts of compelling content, will be able to do it? Is there anyone developing remedial classes on how to be creative or how to communicate? Are some folks going to be permanently at a charisma disadvantage in the Darwinian social media world? Is part of the value of PR consultant recommending who should blog and who shouldn't?

I don't lack for personality, and I still have moments when I stare at the empty white box and wonder what to write about. Maybe my problem is that it's August. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I think you should have optimistic approach for your work,I always enjoy your all posts.

Straight to the Point said...

Thanks for the comment, Rob. I try to be optimistic! Really I do!