Thursday, May 24, 2007

There was a very interesting webinar this morning organized by Washington Technology magazine and featuring Ray Bjorkland of FedSources.

Here is couple of tidbits I found interesting:
  • there will be fewer government opportunities over the next few years but those that exist will be bigger
  • it is increasingly important to get on an IDIQ contract or get on an existing team
  • pure A-76 contracts will be rare, but mostly used for small scale staff augmentation deals
  • the impact of the 2008 election will be minimal until the 2009 budget due to the length of the government budgeting cycle (well....duh)
  • eGov initiatives seem to have broad based bi-partisan support and won't see much change over the next few years
  • IPv6 is not a high risk change for government, but poses a huge managerial and cultural challenge. Will the government develop and implement a viable plan for all the ancillary changes that need to be addressed? Still up the in air.
  • there a strong resurgence of interest and budgets in health IT. Electronic health records are driving budget growth as well as funds to directly support warfighter and veterans
  • there will be increasing collaboration among government agencies, ie IWIN with DOJ/DHS. However, in the end, most contracts of this sort tend to get driven by one or another of the agencies involved.

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