Thursday, November 17, 2016

November Marketing Links

Heading into the last 45 days of the year, I'm starting to see more and more prediction articles for marketing in 2017.

While they are all important to read and take note of, let's not forget how many election day predictions we read...and we know how accurate they turned out.

Maybe next month I'll pass along a few predictions of my own.

As per usual, take a quick break from your busy fall schedule and check out these must-read marketing articles:
  1. The importance of emotional mapping in B2B marketing, Fierce CMO
  2. Inbound Marketing Effectiveness Report, Act-On
  3. Maximizing User Adoption by Understanding Behavioral Economics for Startups, Startup Management
  4. 27 SaaS Products for the Marketing Department, David Cummings
  5. Infographic: Cognitive Bias Codex (How many biases do you have?), Ritholtz

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