Thursday, November 08, 2012

Top Five Marketing Posts for November

It's Movember! Although I am not growing out a mustache, I am, however, getting a great deal of amusement out of my friends attempts to grow theirs. You all know who you

As always, here are a few marketing related articles that I thought I would share with you...

(Oh, and congratulations to President Obama. Now, do the grand bargain with Congress, so we all can move on and get to work.)

8 Social Media Numbers that Will Rock Your Business, by Eric Schurenberg, Inc

Here is a good line: “Personal data is the oil of the digital age”

25 Best Blogs 2012, by Time

Great list! I added seven of these to my RSS reader.

Email Marketing: 6 tactics on combining content and email strategies, by David Kirkpatrick, MarketingProfs

They are:

  1. Understand that content is a vital part of email marketing 
  2. Make the blog the hub of all content 
  3. Use internal resources to create content 
  4. Mine incoming email for content 
  5. Mine outgoing email for content 
  6. Repurpose content

5 Lessons From the Best Example of Content Marketing Ever?, by Jay Baer, Convince and Convert

A very good case study on a McDonald's content marketing program.

Content Plays Critical Role Throughout Tech-Buying Cycle, by MarketingProfs

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