Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Interview with Matt Langan- Social Media and Content Marketing

Last week, I interviewed marketing consultant Matt Langan on the Straight to the Point podcast series. Matt is the CEO of L&R Communications and is also the editor-in-chief of, the nations preeminent geospatial intelligence blog.  

Two years ago, as social media was starting to be adopted by marketers targeting the government customer, Matt and I had a great discussion about how companies needed to adopt a more aggressive content marketing approach in order to successfully grow their government business.

What has changed since then? Did our predictions turn out to be accurate? 

You can listen to the podcast here: Interview with Matt Langan

What did we cover?

  • How the slow economic recovery is influencing marketing budgets?
  • Are marketing executives rotating funds into social media and content marketing?
  • How important is social media to achieving marketing objectives now? 
  • How important is mobile marketing to the marketing mix? 
  • What marketing trends do you see that are going to impact the industry most over the next few years?

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