Monday, February 13, 2012

Interview with James O'Brien- Part 1: How to Get Started with Mobile Marketing

Last week, in the first of a two part series, I interviewed mobile marketing consultant James O'Brien on the Straight to the Point podcast series about how companies can get a mobile strategy started and where mobile marketing is headed.

I've known James for twenty years and admire the expertise he gained from working with commercial, political and government clients in his career. An expert in online marketing, email compliance and privacy regulations, James is the founder of J Obrien Global and is currently a partner with MobiMKT, a mobile application development agency.

You can listen to the podcast here: Interview with James O'Brien- Part 1: How to Get Started

What did we cover?

  • How marketing is being transformed by mobile technology and the movement of the audience onto mobile devices
  • How important is social media to achieving marketing objectives now? 
  • How important is mobile marketing to the marketing mix? 
  • For a firm without a mobile strategy, what is a good first step? 
  • What marketing trends do you see that are going to impact the industry most over the next few years?

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