Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Here Are The Hottest Companies In Tech Right Now, According To Goldman Sachs

Here Are The Hottest Companies In Tech Right Now, According To Goldman Sachs - TechCrunch

I think we’ve established by now that what happens in Vegas actually never stays in Vegas. And, as you can see by the agenda obtained by TechCrunch that’s embedded below this post, the Goldman Sachs Private Internet Company Conference scheduled to take place in Sin City over the next two days is no exception.
The Goldman Sachs conference for private web firms is one of the most high-end and hush-hush events in the tech world. It’s essentially like the Hackers Conference or dinners at Sheryl Sandberg’s house or Fight Club, except for tech executives who are likely to soon go through an IPO or big M&A deal. If you’re on the invite list, you’re in pretty good company — and the first rule is that you don’t talk about it to others.

Monday, January 06, 2014

Is Your Business Failing at Content Marketing?

I like this article from Inc.com- 6 Reasons Companies Fail at Content Marketing, by Dave Kerpern. Do yourself a favor and evaluate your content marketing strategy after reading the article.

 Here are the six reasons:

  1. They have no subscription strategy. 
  2. They fail to inspire brand evangelists. 
  3. They still keep their content creators in silos. 
  4. They place traditional marketers in content roles. 
  5. They overlook internal marketing goals. 
  6. They miss out on opportunities to partner with traditional media.