Friday, February 25, 2011

Crushing Debt. Sounds like an Opportunity?

The whole country is struggling with the issue of too much debt. From families struggling with under water mortgages to states trying to figure out how to cut costs to the federal government's difficulty dealing with the $14 trillion national debt, it seems everyone is trying desperately to deal with this issue.

This month, there are 869,000,000 entries for "debt" on Google. And there are fun widgets to track everyone's debt

Economists are saying that economic growth will be stunted for years as families, states and the federal government divert money into debt and interest repayments.Check out a few random stories:

This intractable problem pervades everyday life, business and politics.Doesn't this sound like a business opportunity? Smart companies and clever marketers could address this issue by developing products and services to help people and governments either cut costs or raise revenue or both.