Monday, February 08, 2010

Monster Social Media Marketing Case Study

As part of my regular Monday morning social media marketing case study series, I'd like to share another one focused on the public sector- But it's not what you think...

I'd love hear your thoughts- leave a comment if you have a moment...


Best known for, the online site for job seekers, Monster also has a huge business in selling proprietary job market data and trends to businesses and government agencies – for example, economic development offices in government and higher education providers both need to know what kind of training is needed, and where it’s needed most.


Monster wanted to expand its data business. However, a traditional marketing campaign risked confusing audiences about its primary brand.


Strategic’s “Unleash the Monster” campaign is an under-the-radar sales channel, allowing the Monster team to provide helpful information to federal and state/local/educational clients. The program includes an online community for sharing ideas and successes.


Monster quickly became known as the primary resource for employment-related educational and training issues. The campaign has expanded via a B2G social media portal, as well as the cultivation of user generated content.

Here is a link to the whole case study, along with links to the various web sites:


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