Monday, February 01, 2010

Microsoft Social Media Marketing Case Study

Turns out I'm making a regular thing out of posting my firm's new social media marketing case studies each week. The first one I posted was about our work for British Telecom and the second focused on BearingPoint. This week, I think, we'll turn our attention to Microsoft. Yes, Microsoft.

Still unconvinced about the ROI of social media? Especially as it pertains to the public sector? Well, the wizards of Redmond looked into it- and they funded this program...

What do you think? I'd love hear your thoughts- leave a comment if you have a moment...


With revenue shrinking and demand for services growing, governments must do more with less—including software. This threatens Microsoft’s public sector market for software licenses.


Microsoft wanted to engage government agencies nationwide. While it’s relatively easy to focus marketing efforts on high-population states, it’s much more difficult and expensive to reach the entire country.


To efficiently reach a geographically dispersed audience, Strategic and Microsoft developed a “Bright Side of Government” program to showcase best practices in the use of information technology (IT) by government. Elements included a social media portal, Twitter stream, blog, and user-generated videos, which also appeared on a “Government Star” channel on YouTube.


Microsoft’s “Bright Side” content shows agencies how to get more use from existing software licenses—a free benefit. This gives Microsoft a sales opening to show how spending a little more on new licenses can yield a lot more functionality—a value proposition that boosts sales.

Here is a link to the whole case study, along with links to the various web sites:

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