Friday, August 07, 2009

Please don't JoeJob me, Mr. KGB Man

Yesterday's big denial of service attack against Twitter is all the the talk today. Who did it and why? Dan Googin at The Register speculates that this was a "joejob" attack targeting one man, a anti-Russian, pro-Georgian activist with profiles on most of the social networks. Was I not able to twit about my lunch yesterday because a bunch of ex-KBG thugs brought down Twitter?

As Twitter struggled to return to normal Wednesday evening, a trickle of details suggested that the outage that left 30 million users unable to use the micro-blogging service for several hours - at least in part - may have been the result of a spam campaign that targeted a single user who vocally supports the Republic of Georgia.

According to Bill Woodcock, research director at the non-profit Packet Clearing House, the torrent of traffic that brought the site to its knees wasn't the result of a traditional DDoS, or distributed denial of service attack, but rather people who clicked on a link in spam messages that referenced a well-known blogger called Cyxymu.

Curious about the new version of Windows coming out this fall? Me too. This story at has nine screenshots of the desktops and some of the features. This new version is getting some pretty good reviews. As one of the happy users of Vista, I'm not sure why this is a surprise. But based on what I'm reading, you can be sure I'll be taking a very close look at Windows 7.

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