Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Snowmageddon Again?

Snowmageddon (Again)!Looks like another decent snow storm is heading to the East Coast and, predictably, everyone is freaking out.

We will see how snowy it actually gets, but a weekend storm shouldn't cause too much disruption.

Socked in this weekend? Grab a coffee (or warm adult beverage) and read these five marketing articles:
  1. Grantland and The Surprising Future of Publishing, Stratechery
  2. How to Failure-proof your Business with Customer Development, Eric Jorgensonda
  3. New Co-Registration Test Data: 7 Lessons to Improve Your Opt-in Rates & Grow Your List, MarketingSherpa
  4. Why Buying Email Lists Is Always a Bad Idea Hubspot
  5. The Ultimate Cheat Sheet To Becoming A Master Negotiator, James Altucher

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