Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Five B2B Marketing Trends to Watch

MarketingProfs, always a good source of innovative essays on marketing, posted a good article that reviewed the coming trends in marketing.

Here is a link to the post along with a quick outline...


Trend No. 1: Employee Advocacy and Social Selling

Trend No. 2: Content Marketing

Trend No. 3: Mobile and Consumerization

Trend No. 4: Big Data

Trend No. 5: Agile Marketing

This last trend is something that I think marketers have been wrestling with. Many companies are having trouble dealing with a faster business tempo.

Being an agile B2B marketer means that you still need to adhere to the same core principles of strategic marketing, but you also need to act in a faster, more collaborative and responsive way. New and adaptive automation technologies are essential to acting fast, being responsive, and scaling. Social marketing is essential to staying informed and being relevant to your target audience. Be flexible, understand your customers, and act quickly!

Go and read the whole article...it's worth your time.

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