Monday, December 03, 2012

Great Article on GE Insourcing Manufacturing

I just read a very interesting article in the Atlantic about the trend of bringing factories back to the USA. I have heard folks talk about this before, but this is the first real deep-dive I've seen into the drivers of this.

The Insourcing Boom by Charles Fishman, The Atlantic

Bringing jobs back to Appliance Park solves a problem. It is sparking a wave of fresh innovation in GE’s appliances—every major appliance line has been redesigned or will be in the next two years—and the experience of “big room” redesign, involving a whole team, is itself inspiring further, faster advances.

In fact, insourcing solves a whole bundle of problems—it simplifies transportation; it gives people confidence in the competitive security of their ideas; it lets companies manage costs with real transparency and close to home; it means a company can be as nimble as it wants to be, because the Pacific Ocean isn’t standing in the way of getting the right product to the right customer.
Very interesting...

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