Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Big News Day- Apple, Facebook and Google

Kind of a busy day in tech news...

Apple is announcing its next earth shattering event will be held on October 4. Two big pieces of news? iPhone 5 and new CEO Tim Cook will be headlining the event, not Steve Jobs. Personally, I'm waiting for iCloud and cloud based iTunes. But that's just me...

Facebook revamped its interface. Again. It is proof that we are just slaves to Facebook that they make these changes and have absolutely no desire to let us know about it in advance. They simply don't care because they know they rule the world. Hubris, my friends. Hubris.

And Google opened up Google+ to the masses, including a big blue arrow on the worlds most expensive real estate, pointing right at it. Is Google+ going to defeat Facebook? I doubt it. It has some nice features, but it seems like whenever someone else creates a cool, new social networking tool, Facebook copies it and adds it to their platform. Thus, all the secret interface revisions.

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