Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Oscar Fuster! ePok! Straight to the Point podcast!!

Yes, it's very exciting! Last week, I was lucky enough to sit down with Oscar Fuster, the VP of Marketing and Strategic Alliances at ePok, an access management software company based in Bethesda, MD. Oscar is an experienced marketer having lead marketing teams at iGov, International data Products, SMS Data Products Group. He shares his experiences working in growth environments and the impact of social media. Oscar's been with ePok for less than a year- would you market ePok differently?

(In the interests of transparency, ePok and Strategic (my firm) are working together. We were picked to develop and run the social media/PR aspect of Oscar's marketing strategy.)


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff - how come there's no easy way to contact you via email on your blog? :)

Straight to the Point said...

Hey Josh! That's a good point- I should have my email handy, eh?

I'll add it to the blog today, but in the meantime, anyone is free to contact me at