Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday's Links of Social Media Stuff

Yikes, it's Friday and I haven't posted this week! We all know that one of the keys to social media success is meaty content delivered frequently. Boy have I been falling down on the job. So, other that pointing out that my Facebook page is "all new" and stuff, here are a few interesting links I found this week.

Check out the new layout of Facebook (feel free to friend me).

Dennis McDonald has another compelling post about the impact of social media on the association world.

Mary Fletcher Prince shares her thoughts about a PRNews survey that shows that senior marketers are planning on increasing budgets for digital marketing in the next year while ad spending falls and traditional PR remains stable.

My firm announced a partnership with Market Wise, a Internet marketing consultancy, in order to more close tie-in and align our PR/social media activities with our clients' online marketing, lead generation and sales cycle management programs.

And finally, a big shout out to Geoff Livingston as he sold his firm, Livingston Communications, to the Social Media Group earlier this week. Congratulations, man!
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